Goodbye Blue Monday

8pm, tuesday

1st band 8:30pm Ben Syversen-trumpet Morgan Price-sax Adam Minkoff-bass Nick Anderson-drums poets 9:30pm Ben Miov Travis Holloway Austin LaGrone last band 11pm Tony Falco- Drums Drew Sayers- Tenor Saxophone

sound asleep. the phone rings and i turn over to look at the screen – “restricted” is says. i see the time. i tell myself it’s saturday. i tell myself that it’s too early for the credit card collections to call. i open the handset. “hello?” “hello. this is officer_________ from the 83rd precinct” “…ok…” […]

memorial day BBQ ’09

May 29th, 2009

a note of thanks to the throngs that arrived all day and night here on memorial day. the music started at 4pm and went on for the next nine hours. thanks to ryan, dave, nina, hannah, kate and michael for helping pull it together and keep it together and for everyone who got on our […]

all the things we are….

May 28th, 2009

the first thing i heard on the radio after checking my e-mail today was “all the things you are,” a song by jerome kern. this is/was still part of the 357 hours of benny goodman. i think there’s still about four more days of this (though i did take a two-day rest). the version above […]

Timeout New York wrote extensively about us and our show here with nice photos and everything!

today, buddy fell asleep on my chest for the first time in a long while. this seems to be more of the seasonal change in my steve-to-buddy relationship. or maybe he knows how worried i am about my friend who still hasn’t gotten back to mission control, whose still on the far side of the […]

the sea of tranquility

May 23rd, 2009

i had dinner with my dad a few days back. “you realize dolores will be gone two years next month?” he said. “it feels like it’s yesterday and ten years ago at the same time,” i said. i had it all balled up with chemo and radiation. this life-death thing was going on and her […]

first thing, this bird ain’t leaving and he ain’t dying; and buddy would spend time and time again waiting and waiting and waiting, just like that photo from last week. other times, he relaxed; teresa amram performed her project; tim kuhl did some great stuff just this past night; this was just a few days […]

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