Goodbye Blue Monday

the black-framed rayban wayfarers, myself, a knapsack and about eight of the twenty dollars that i had when i left atlanta, landed in the middle of the pacific ocean. my brother welcomed me guardedly. i don’t even know how they found him. i wasn’t even sure if he lived there. i wasn’t sure of much […]

it was a game show. as i was swimming up from the darkness i could see in front of me, three television hosts dressed up as EMS workers. behind them was the audience. they were friends of mine and people who worked with and for scrap bar, atlanta. it had opened about three months earlier, […]

these are tortoise-shell rayban wayfarers i bought in the late spring of 1995. i hold onto them like they matter very much to me, though there’s some kind of disconnect between why i got them and why i hold onto them. when everything left, when everything went away, all there was was a knapsack and […]

i related my note last night knowing that my birthday’s beginning was definitely “just beginning.”  after walking maxx one-last-time (he bullies me around) and giving the bathroom bowl one last shot with that plunger, i returned to digs in the loft; it’s located in the back of the building. below me, there was a party […]

….i’m sitting here, my forefinger and thumb rubbing gently at my chin and above my upper lip and i’m wondering what happened to my ability to grow facial hair. someone told me that after chemotherapy, you never know how your hair is going to act. what am i doing with a ponytail? last week i […]

it ended with the miracle of morgan’s creek. here’s betty hutton; but it started here, long ago…. taking a cue from the moment, i needed this rainy day. so did maxx, if we were going to have “dogtime-on-the-beach.” i walked into the store and made a list of what. i read the e-mails on the […]

“ruggles of red gap”, “top hat”, “a night at the opera” and “dinner at eight” – i didn’t need a plan. i could wait another day or two to finish my staplegun madness (above). there are but two open spaces remaining on the raw, unpainted wall. when i have the ladder in “work” position, buddy […]

with the battery charged and two hours before espresso school with our new (old) la san marco espresso machine, i took to the bike and headed down deKalb avenue, to where i rode that grey, solitary october afternoon when i snapped my dead irish grandfather lying on the cobblestones. it was the day i took […]

it was a movie that was part of my up comingness of young adulthood. in my high school days, i pondered more the lyrics of paul simon than the cinematic genius of mike nichols. i liked ann bancroft since she was wrestling with patty duke in the miracle worker years earlier. not sure what was […]

alright, then….

April 18th, 2009

GLOSSARY- brain and memory out-of-the-gate; Interference – A phenomenon whereby something stored in long-term memory inhibits one’s ability to remember something else correctly. the interference experienced in keeping the radio station tuned in (sorry, i’m still analogue) is nothing compared to the white-noise in my skull when trying to recall facets of my life that […]

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