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March 31st, 2009

….loads of things. there was every reason to write things this week, even to continue the things that have become practices, like this; The Mind and Memory glossary; Elaboration – A cognitive process in which learners expand on new information based on what they already know. Any elaboration regarding what they said on PBS last […]

david harvey – what a way to wake up – was on NPR thursday morning. or was it wednesday morning? i don’t know days anymore. this is a temporary condition that i’ve had all my life, it may have something to do with relentless drug and alcohol addiction poured over me in the space of […]

“beyond” is fresh and crisp so i’ll start with that because i found what maxx did today speaks to me financially. a note – lately, everything speaks to me financially. at times, it speaks to me in terms of money and at other times, in terms of greed and stupidity. wealth and greed are two […]

it was a seven-hour bellevue hospital-athon. i was getting a tune up and damage assessment. next week is the further-on, two-month, post-op exam. later for that. the doctor told me he had seen the goodbye blue monday website and read some stories and was asking me about my experiences. he got a charge out of […]

when natasha richardson sustained a head injury and was dead two days later, boy oh boy, did i get the willies. you hit it just right and the eternity blastoff countdown commences. that’s about all you can say about that. why her now and not me two years before she was born? luck? timing? well, […]

scrap bar was a busy little bar. there was a legal limit of 74 people on one of those FDNY capacity signs behind the bar at scrap bar. this place could have half that many people on line for the bathroom alone. one night two fire marshals came in to check us on our capacity. […]

there’s all this hubbub about AIG and bonuses. what they’re depending on the american taxpayer to do is learn to “groove” with it. i heard we own 80% of that business (but we’re getting 100%  “of the business”) and it’s just a matter of understanding that this our chance to be like “fat-cats.” don’t you […]

 i wanted to take maxx to the nuclear beach of death and butterflies, but time and expense forced a shorter trip, so we went to canarsie pier. it’s a more-urban part of gateway national park and as the tide was out, there was enough beach to walk, though the calm bay water is markedly dirtier […]

great photo gallery by diego cupulo at i was wondering who that guy was with that camera. he sure knows how to use it. thanks from GBM. and thanks also for reminding me to herald the arrival of blue moon white wheat ale

maybe too much of a build-up in the title, but this is where the launchsite was; i’ve officially become fascinated with being in the same physical space that was inhabited by extraordinary vehicles of death and destruction. apparently this site, fort tilden, has been home to massive implements of death since the teens. i thought […]

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