Goodbye Blue Monday

what happened to me? worldfocus? they’re a bit more forthcoming with information about the banking situation. let’s just say banks in the less-than-industrialized nations, e.g. non-european union (not that it’s much better there) things are getting real ugly, real fast. i don’t want to visit that again, at least not right now. it’ll be going […]

a pipeline runs through it

February 27th, 2009

sometimes i try to equate the movie i watched (in this case, a river runs through it) with the reality facing me the following morning. i don’t do it for any reason except to see if there might be a link, some thread that might help define what i believe is poetry in the big […]

i wish i knew…..

February 26th, 2009

me and maxx went to fort tilden today. i needed to let maxx run but more importantly, i wanted to take that long walk and photograph riis park. my musings in the previous note seemed to have gotten the better of me. i don’t feel the file or google-found-images adequately told the story i was […]

they probably won’t dress well. i mean, they won’t be that “crisp” in thousand-dollar suits. they’ll probably be dull in contrast to the glib and chatty. they’ll work, for the most part, for the government. they won’t grandstand and the few that might, probably won’t pull it off with as much aplomb. the bankers, some […]

as i was heading to the beach on the day of the many gulls and the CEOs of unlimited gall, i stopped at a light, looked up and saw this. i stayed there long enough to take this picture; i fumbled the way i always i do when the cellphone rings and it’s not already […]

oh, balls!

February 22nd, 2009

why bother having this part of the previous note. this is about balls, not gall….. and goodbye blue monday has them. they were the brainchild of susan hwang from the first book club meeting show, the one that featured our own Kurt Vonnegut’s “breakfast of champions or goodbye blue monday,” as the topic of vocalized […]

cold as absolute “awww-shitt.” my fingers froze as i tried to take pics of the mob. i never saw so many birds here. no doubt, the high winds and rough sea had much to do with it. so many freshly-ravaged mollusks littering the shore. oh, the bivalvity. such is the nature of the food chain. […]

as the financial world continues to unravel (is unravel the word? is disintegrate better?), i was reading about the end of something that i found incomprehensible, that being the secrecy of the “swiss bank account.” the bullshit quotient that the financial “wizards” let loose on the world in the past ….oh, let’s say the past […]

that’s matt and one of his works that might be later glimpsed in our backyard sculpture garden. what binds people together (in a good way, i mean) is a commonality of interests, identification of feelings and opinions or something that touches us in a spiritual sense. beings this isn’t a tabernacle, i’ll say this “spirituality” […]

where do i begin?

February 20th, 2009

i guess i’ll begin at the beginning. i took a subway train today and went to wall street. that”s where the new york city business center is located. you pay all sorts of tickets there. you go to court for traffic, parking, business and health department tickets and other things i don’t know about and […]

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