Goodbye Blue Monday

before going on about my moments with the grifting lizards from mars, i was clearing the desktop of this wheezing-E-machine, left behind by my dearest aunty drew, maxx-the-birthday-dog’s second-bestest friend on this planet, that has assumed the bulk of the computerized work i do while i await the resurrection of my i-book, the quiet. back […]

forgot to add this to yesterday’s note –  had it sitting on my desktop and thought, at this point in the money madness, we should see what busby berkeley and a young, baby-faced ginger rogers did to help america forget their problems for about three minutes, seventy-six years ago. a little suggestive, ain’t it?

citigroup. in the entire world of finance, will not one of these douchebags apologize and own up to anything? does getting a degree in pyramid finance (let’s just call it what it is at this stage of the car-wreck) elevate a person to a plateau of utter nonsense? they sure showed the big three automakers […]

reeling in the sense of satisfaction from monday’s health inspection, buddy spent some daytime in the store tuesday and strutted hisself across the counter, showing “susan book club” (that’s her new name for the moment – she’s also susan hwang and susan accordian, too) where he did his earliest tough-cat shtick back in the early […]

here’s goodbye blue monday before it was goodbye blue monday; it has nothing to do with anything other than i put it here to let you know that it was full of rats when this picture was taken, and between loads of poison and a certain cat, all and any trace of them disappeared over […]

Andrew Frisicano, a writer for wrote a review of our inaugural (it’s that time of year to use this word, sure) Book Club show – it’s a sweet review, just like our Breakfast of Champion balls!

boss-a-nova scotia lox

January 25th, 2009

i’m sitting, post sunday lunch, composing a note in response to a note sent by a reader of my ramblings, suggesting that this stuff be printed up and archived in “hard-copy” for the end of days of digital technology. he understood my desire to humanize my dealings out here, even if it’s just using the […]

my late show in shades of gray, more like it. tonight it will be preston sturges’ “the miracle of morgan’s creek” it concerns a girl (betty hutton) who cons a bank clerk (eddie bracken)…never mind – the above link starts with this question; “how was this movie ever made?” and if you ever see this […]

i wrote the title header to this note and closed the program. i was going to launch a flurry of reminiscences of my own history with this film “the philadelphia story” and wander in the greytones for a while, but chose to wrap it up and look into that wealth of those colors in the […]

as i do on saturday nights sometimes, i inventory my week. i wet a paper towel and put it in the left-hand corner of the small TV table i had placed to the right of this computer station. i would use this to keep my fingertips moist so i can count the one-dollar bills i […]

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