Goodbye Blue Monday

i go online in an effort to help connect the dots to what might or might not be the definitive scrap bar story. right now,  i’m finding out when the animal boy album was released. i don’t know exactly anything about anything, and this might just be a work of fiction, something i’ll say again […]


December 29th, 2008

at least, that’s the plan. moments before and after the official opening, we had already garnered a local following of employees of the cafe feenjon, the olive tree cafe and members of the cast who worked and performed at the cafe wha’? they would come in before and after their shifts, provided the door was […]

upon waking, i listened for the sound of the straw that broke the camel’s back. it’s as quiet a sound as one hand clapping. it’s like a feather upsetting an apple cart. i was unclear as to what day it was until i realized it was sunday and that it was still the weekend and […]

i decided to write a new blog dealing with the last subject i mentioned on the previous blog. this is because it’s supposed to deal exclusively with the guy who ate omar sharif and sounds like eduardo cianelli and why i always seem to run into them out where maxx runs free as the wind […]

i slept with dreams circling me like a halo. they were beams of white, solid-circular light, no doubt the result of the season and the imprint registered through my eyes into my brain for access at such a time as this. i could enter the light of each circle and it would be a dream. […]

my bill ain’t getting any smaller, only the spiraling rate of reboots necessary to get online per/ sixty-minute chairclimb is up 40%. so, i’ll begin this blog with an apology and explanation. cablevision is sucking more than money out of your (and my) pocket, especially when they’re “upgrading” service and not telling you about service […]

baby, it’s cold outside. hmmm. the car’s in the shop. i’m hoping that it can pass one, last inspection. it’s seventeen degrees out. with buddy asleep to my right, i woke to that holiday feeling of doom and sadness. it was a temporary situation. it took about five minutes. i make believe that i have […]

that’s where i am right now. a week ago i was discussing sandwiches with a friend and mentioned how it’s been almost fifteen years since i’ve had a liverwurst sandwich. it’s a sandwich that you can’t have too often. it tends to stay with you for days at a time. i’ve always considered it “poor […]

what a perfect day to write about hanging and flying cats, due to the nature of my ramblings this wet, slushy, snowy cold day that i woke up to this morning with shards of glass tearing my throat out as i attempted to swallow before making it downstairs at eight o’clock in the morning in […]

a new year’s eve party this just came in on the GBM wire. pretty cool. new york ONE spoke of rain in the day and some snow at night, but as i walked my dog tuedsay afternoon, the white stuff began to fall and maxx and me seized the moment. we jumped in the car […]

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