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it’s pretty interesting….

November 30th, 2008

was yesterday one of those precog moments? was i being set up by those grifting lizards to go to coney island only to find out this morning that disney is considering it again.¬†frankly, it was just a matter of time. their name’s been mentioned in the same sentence with coney for years. in these tough […]

i am ensconced in the relative safety of my bushwick digs with maxx and buddy after returning home from what i thought was going to be an uninterrupted hour or so of joy watching maxx run on the seashore. as i drove to fort tilden and maxx barked on cue in agreement, i decided on […]

now, where was i?

November 28th, 2008

i’ve been seeing a lot of commercials (in between my adult swim) for that chinese democracy album by guns and roses. the advertising and marketing alone is an example of what i was talking about a few blogs back. and guess what? 40+ year-olds look silly trying to do a skinny, junkie, rock-boy punk kick. […]

previous post priorities

November 27th, 2008

it must be important that i get back to the previous post, the one about letter writing and sharon mccarthy. this will be my letter in a bottle. my needle in the digital haystack. i’ll make a few statements that will whittle down the sharon mccarthies of the world to a precious, singular “the one.” […]

i had a dream about being in an open-top taxi cab with two beautiful women, driving over the brooklyn bridge, heading into manhattan. as the driver sped down toward the exit ramp where the municipal building is, there was a rut in the road that caused the car to become airborne like that dodge charger […]

it’s three days and i’ll admit it hasn’t been totally agonizing except for occasional moments, but a loss such as this brings up a whole gang of things that wander around my head looking for comfort of some sort. i’m understanding that on this journey we spend a lot of our time saying hello and […]

what math is this

November 23rd, 2008

wonder of wonders, guns and roses released an album. i’m sure it’ll do well, even if it’s been in the works for a decade and a half. sorry world, but if takes that long to tweak,well….it might be more about retirement money… i can vividly remember seeing their videos playing on one of the four […]

made my first batch of pasta fagioli, (or pastafazool for the readers who learned their italian on the sopranos), last night and it’s already gone. it’ll be on the menu for the winter. it’s a MEAL and good for you. it’ll be served with meat or with spinach or escarole and a hunk of bread. […]

why not a pastrami review

November 20th, 2008

i walk into katz’s deli – complete w/ documentary and order up. i ask for a pastrami on rye. great sandwich. that’s my review. it’s expensive, but it’s in a 120 year-old cafeteria and that’s precious. enough. i’m sitting at the back with a photo of a celebrity and a bald guy grinning down at […]

if you look at the upper right hand of the above photo, there, at the end of the road, you’ll see a vehicle. it’s a late-model chevy SUV but i didn’t know that until i walked to it as i¬† headed to my own car a bit further along, in the parking lot. i climbed […]

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