Goodbye Blue Monday

they (whoever they are) thought they could trot out one bad idea after another. the methodology between selling the iraq war and sarah palin, in essence, was the same. and its execution, too, was the same. forgetting the surprise “out of the republican birthday cake,” opening, the “excitement” was manufactured with the press getting in […]

ever see the parallax view?

October 30th, 2008

The Parallax View is a movie from 1974. it’s a “political thriller” directed by a guy named alan pakula. it was the movie that made me realize that warren beatty was cool. he acted- in and produced this film.¬† it’s a good movie. it turns on all of my paranoid buttons. i like to watch […]

a few days ago i rode around brooklyn. i dropped papers off to legal people, i dropped off cash to the gangsters over at con edison and i found out that my six-thousand-dollar bill to the gas company was an error. they have since sent me another bill for two thousand dollars. on this bill, […]

the people’s garden benefit

October 26th, 2008

The people’s garden has a wonderful little story on its myspace. it starts like this; Hernan jumped a fence one day in the mid-90’s and started cleaning up the empty lot. He dug up mattresses, tires, pipes and syringes. When the kids in the adjacent building threw rocks down at him for kicks, Hernan put […]

…and the scamming lizard people have had to suspend a dinner party. seems there’s a humanity-glut and they’re afraid of being able to keep the greedhounds “fresh.” there’s a lesson here; even alien lizard people from mars can overstep their projections. i understand that this is a “luxury problem” and you can bet they know […]

to me, this pic looks like a cheesy scene from home-made sci-fi. it’s actually our backyard space……. and there’s the occasional legs and ladders … trying to get it all together, something that is less than a trademark at times… as we gear-up the winterizing of the cordoba garage theater……….. the marquee is at the […]

…..and i neither knew nor cared who was playing. don’t get me wrong. when i was a kid, i breathed baseball. it mattered to me and up until not too long ago (like, when they stole the glove out of my car’s trunk when they stole my car), having a catch and throwing a few […]

the little birds at the shore in the pic above are known as “terns” and one of the first things i learned back when i would cycle out here in the late 1980’s, there, in the scrap bar days, was that this area, “gateway national park”was a breeding and nesting site for these wonderful little […]

so at least i’m not going to go on about the vice presidential debate. not yet, at least. the blog title is about some of the stuff that was going on in my head when i was driving to pick up things for the store.¬†some people call this place (GBM)”a bar” and others call it […]

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