Goodbye Blue Monday

BUSHWICK OPEN STUDIOS ’08 – read all about it HERE   The Bushwick Open Studios Music Festival is an event taking place over 2 days, at 3 venues, with over 30 Bushwick-based acts for your enjoyment. It is a showcase, but also a community event for musicians. An excuse to come out and meet each […]

A review. A nice review!

IT’S OUR FIRST GRILLING OF 2008 – JOIN US! we’re looking for a few performers for the outside stage – contact us if you’d like to play – grilling will commence about three PM, the outside stage will be yours till the night – we also have a full lineup for the night with a […]

this is a postcard. it was sent to me three years ago by a friend i had just made when Goodbye Blue Monday first opened. his name was ben. he was going to europe with his family and i said, in my own trademark fashion, “don’t forget to send us a post card.” he returned […]

With the story about the Spidermums here in a mini-review

two summers ago, here in broadway, BK – no one was safe. anyone rolling up to their loft or apartment door on their bicycle, anyone seen walking out of their building’s hallway smoking a cigarette (a friend of mine, a skinny white boy, got a gun pulled on him by a law-enforcement agent over this […]

walking up mount everest

May 4th, 2008

that’s what it’s like trying to write these days. i’ve been thinking a whole lot…i have the 4th and final installment of “ken lay and the martian lizard people” but lost the will to go on when the crazy white lady came in one day collecting money for the homeless. in one arm she had […]

things i didn’t get around to saying……like thanks i’m finding myself riding the choppy seas of political hope for the future. making it past the black hole that is the Bush presidency is reason enough, but the outlook for America’s future has me just a little edgy. i’m doing what most newly cancer-cleared patients do; […]

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