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it started like this….

May 8th, 2017

i’m working on my new website. it’s called and this is how it happened. also, let me tell you right off; each piece that i make is original, one-of-a-kind and unique. do you see the fixture above, where a small piece of orange reflector is glued to the tail light? i discovered this problem […]

i paid little attention when i first saw him. as winter 1985–86 wound down, i’d driven past him once or twice. it wasn’t until springtime did i cross paths with him, literally. it was april and scrap bar was about to open. the changing season was offering sunny days and this was one of them. […]

picking through the remaining whoozits and whatzits from a box of memories, i came across the ring. the first time he walked into scrap bar in late 1986, he was wearing a huge scimitar, sheathed and belted at the waist. up, by the entrance, he drew it out and commenced threatening everyone in the place […]

in the end, it’s all doo-wop. if the book “please kill me, The Uncensored Oral History of Punk,” by Legs McNeil and Gillian McCain holds sway regarding the history of the punk (whatever it was), then the last chapter, which had a story chronicling the seeming “end,” rhetorically speaking, was played out in scrap bar. […]

about a year into scrap bar’s life, they arrived. tall, handsome, high-cheeked, exact-twin brothers with huge manes of black, beaded hair that fell from their shoulders to the small of their backs. they were african-american but i remember one of them telling me they were also part american-indian. i said ok. they came to new […]

at last year’s scrap bar reunion in 2014 i saw fran, an old friend and someone who may have been joey ramone’s girlfriend back in the day. i was never sure. it was…25 years since we saw each other?……at least. the reunion was fun and at one point, she recounted something that happened in late […]

a couple of days ago, i observed one of those “anniversaries.” you know, the “life-altering” ones. i’ve had a few. they caused things like scrap bar and goodbye blue monday to happen. i’m writing a book about it. it was two years ago in the holding cell behind the brooklyn criminal courts building, my head […]

  that universe was the cranium (mine – the one that was shattered on january 22nd, 1962 by a 1953 chevy) that bore it in 1984 and has been whirring, clicking and sizzling ever since. the store, which hasn’t been mine for some years now, is closing sunday, november 30th and this website will spring […]

in good company….

May 7th, 2014

the little junk store that could was mentioned in a story about where to find the next big thing. that’s what Goodbye Blue Monday was ten years ago, before it sold coffee, beer and had live performance. but we digress…. OK, Qantas airlines targets a demographic about 13,000 miles away, bit still…. i’ve flown there […]

posting this on january 22nd in some odd way, makes perfect sense. you see, i was run over by a car 51 years ago on this date. i was supposed to either be dead, a vegetable or paralyzed from the neck down (i guess this covers about everything). just by chance, the first black U.S.neurosurgeon […]

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